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Korean Brake Pad Manufacturer

Since the establishment of E.S. Brake Co in 1997, we have specialized in the research and production of Korean brake pads. Above all, we have invested extensively in the development of friction brake technology that is both highly efficient and trustworthy. As a major distributor of Korean brake pad, both domestically and overseas, E.S. Brake plays an important role in the brake pad market. Through the installation of an advanced computerized production line, we have been able to produce highly innovative friction material brake pad and have also secured a stable production system. In addition, all calipers we produce are inspected to assure that all areas meet O.E. specifications.

Disk brake pad

The disc brake pad is the best brake component that we have found so far. Disc brakes are used to stop everything from cars to locomotives and jumbo jets. Disk brakes wear longer, are less affected by water, are self adjusting, self cleaning, less prone to grabbing or pulling and stop better than any other system around. The main components are disc brake pad, rotor, caliper and caliper support.

Ceramic brake pad

The comprehensive manufacturer of brake system proudly presents its brand YES-Q and HERACLON. They are produced by most advanced friction material production system to give steady and outstanding performance. YES-Q is high quality low-steel type which successfully improved weakness of Metallic and Semi-metallic types containing high amounts of Steels. HERACLON is introduced to lead modern trends of advanced friction material technology. It is design to be Environmentally-friendly and special materials such as Ceramic fiber, Carbon fiber and Aramid pulp will give grate performance, feeling and comfort of braking.
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