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Brake Shoe Manufacturer

Since the establishment of E.S. Brake Co in 1997, we have specialized in the research and production of brake shoes. Above all, we have invested extensively in the development of friction brake technology that is both highly efficient and trustworthy. As a major brake shoe manufacturer, both domestically and overseas, E.S. Brake plays an important role in the brake shoe market. Through the installation of an advanced computerized production line, we have been able to produce highly innovative friction material brake shoe and brake drum. In addition, all calipers we produce are inspected to assure that all areas meet O.E. specifications.

Drum brake shoe

Drum brake shoe consist of a steel shoe with the friction material or lining riveted or bonded to it. Also the linings eventually wear out and must be replaced. If the linings are allowed to wear through to the bare metal shoe, they will cause severe damage to the brake drum.
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